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1:Great App!

  • author:Jessiegray88
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-10-23 01:26:00

UPDATE: I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 and now this app works amazingly! The better camera really made a difference. I realized that the 3Gs is not capable of taking pictures that are of high enough quality to use the scanned images as a substitute for actually using a scanner. Text is often too blurry (mostly near the edges of the paper. I tested it out with multiple angles, distances, and lighting setups and each one resulted in a PDF that was not legible enough for any official use. I'm sure it works wonderfully on an iPhone 4 but it doesn't get the job done right for a 3Gs. Three stars unless a software update can somehow help with text issues (multiple pictures of a document that merges into a larger, more legible version perhaps?) The perspective correction is great for my photo collection, but as a scanner it isn't good for an iPhone 3Gs. If I can figure out a way to fix the legibility issues (or if an update does this in the future) I'll bump up to five stars for sure.

2:Attention 3G owners. Avoid Crashes...

  • author:Massimo308
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-09-02 21:14:00

I've been wondering why my 3G iPhone has been slow and sluggish lately. I downloaded Genius Scan however, this app crashed EVERY time while "cropping." I ask Grizzly Support for help. With the prompt help of Bruno and my own research, I have discovered that the 3G updated to iOS 4 was a bit much for our older generation phones. It consumes too much of our operating memory. (different from storage memory) To get this app to run AND improve your overall phone performance 1. Close all running apps. 2. Periodically clear Cache for Safari: Settings>Safari>Clear cache 2. Suggest turning off SPOTLIGHT SEARCH: Settings> General> Home Button> Spotlight. If you uncheck all options, search is turned off and releases A LOT of working memory. 3. Turn your phone off and restart every couple of days. After all of this, the app worked perfectly. Now that it does, this is a very useful addition to my phone.

3:One of my Favorite apps, EVER!

  • author:+Berke+
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-09-06 14:14:00

Please make this app ad-free! Genius Scan definitely absolutely deserves to be used as an experience uninterrupted by ads. :) ------- You want to send a document (be it text or colored) to your friend quickly, but you're on the street and can't find a scanner? This app is a life-saver! Today I had to deposit some money to my friend's bank account and i just launched Genius Scan, casually pointed the camera at the invoice and took a photo, and sent the invoice to my friend via email right in the app! It couldn't get any easier! This app takes a picture of your documents, "automatically" crops them, correcting any tilted angles AND enhancing the contrast so the text is much more readable. Intelligent auto cropping & rotating + image enhancement + FREE download makes this app one of the best! Absolutely essential!!!

4:Excellent app....

  • author:Liljmia
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-08-03 07:30:00

The saying "you get what you pay for" does not apply here. This app is a very solid app and it performs well. Thank you dev for making it free and keeping ads to a minimum. Features this lacks though are cloud services such as dropbox, google docs, box.net, evernote, and etc. Please add in an update soon. I recommend for everyone to get Jotnot if you need the services I mentioned above since it's on sale at .99. It is the best scanner in the appstore. I have tried most of them including Scanner Pro which is also on sale for the same price. This is my #2 scanner but it is the best value in the appstore no contest. In my opinion better than Scanner Pro. You can't beat free. Get both. Highly recommended.

5:Amazingly simple, wonderful app!

  • author:ski-man007
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-09-14 11:50:00

Love this app. Most I find I delete after the novelty wears off, but this has come in handy so many times I can't count. Scanning printable coupons, receipts for work, recipes from magazines, a funny comic from the morning paper.....it does it all, even when taken at an angle. I'm not sure how the science behind it works, but trust me, it works. The only improvement that would make it better is an image stabilzation program for the camera. More complicated documents like a detailed spreadsheet can get a bit blurry as the program decipers the imagery that is scanned. I find I have to try and hold extremely steady, which sometimes isn't the easiest. Besides that, this is awesome.

6:Great for Everything!

  • author:SoundsLikeRainbows
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-08-13 02:59:00

This app is indispensible for school. It is so awesome to be able to just take a picture of the dry erase board in my classes instead of jotting down notes individually. While my classmates are frantically writing their notes, I'm playing skeeball. Also it's good for keeping track of travel expenses for work, instead of logging miles and keeping receipts, I just snap a pic of the odometer and receipt and email it to my supervisor!! Friggin awesome, must have. Does exactly what is says it will, and without any glitches (that I've encountered.) Best of all, it's free!!! Get it if you keep any kind of paperwork or take notes frequently! It will literally save you hours of work!


  • author:EaganDad
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-08-27 02:00:00

I had my doubts about how this would work on my iPhone 3G since camera resolution is not high. I was at a school meeting and needed to send a copy of a document to my wife. The electronic version was not available. I quickly downloaded this app hoping for the best. When I scanned and enhanced the image it was amazing how clear and readable it was. Being able to send it as a PDF file is a real plus. Even if you don't think you have a need for this app download it anyway. You won't be sorry. It was even operating at a tolerable speed on my iPhone 3G with ios 4.0.2. I wish all of my apps did as well. (Still waiting for Steve the Apple God to annoint the masses with a fix.)

8:Love this joint!

  • author:The Rebel Somnambulist.
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-08-02 01:18:00

Use it every day for anything from receipts to business cards to scanning docs to email to storing serial numbers for software I've purchased. I even created a category called "things I like" the other day so I could remember this brand of pistachios I liked. Yay! Requests: Individual file naming and individual file notes. For example: if I had something saved under "serial numbers," it'd be great if I could name it "AppleCare Serial" and then write a little note "purchased from Frank at Apple Store Santa Monica." Search function. (obviously need to implement my first request for this to work.)

9:This app saved me many times! THE BEST!

  • author:ShellsterM
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-10-28 06:12:00

Through selling my home and buying a new home, this app has proven to be one of the BEST on my iPhone! I have been able to scan everything and send right from my phone. I even scanned stuff from my laptop screen. I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone who needs a scanner on the fly. I created perfect.pdf files and sent them on with no issues. TIP: It helps if you scan on a white background because when this app goes through the "enhancement" mode, it takes in the background edges and it makes it look like one document. Perfect....Simply perfect. You can't beat the price...FREE!


  • author:PragueInSpring
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-08-01 03:17:00

...At how good this app is. With the stand alone camera it does it's very best at clarifying whatever is being scanned. The controls are easy too! A tip to enhance clarity, for those that don't already know: Use a magnifying in front of the iPhone lens to make text more crisp. This low-tech tip may be moot with the added MegaPixels on the iPhone4 camera, but for those with a 3GS, 3G, or other it's invaluable. (There is even a case which has a magnification lens that can slide over and off the phones lens - which makes life easier for those taking photos of documents often!)

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