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1:Review from a satisfied Square customer...

  • author:Digital Darrell
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-06-14 21:31:00

I am using the Square credit card scanning service and find it to be very reliable, fast, and easy. I do not work for Square or have any relationship with them. I am an author of photography books and an active photographer. I sell my books at book and photography fairs. As a photographer I shoot weddings, portraits, and events. Square’s credit card service makes it very easy for me to accept credit cards wherever I happen to be. Let me describe the process of signing up with square: — First, you get this free app for your iPhone. — Next, you go to their website and apply for an account, or you can do it from your iPhone. It takes only a few seconds for approval. — Then you go to their website and attach your bank information to your Square account. — Finally, you wait for the scanner to come in about a week by snail mail. The little scanner device plugs into the earphone port on your iPhone. Now I’ll describe the process of doing a credit card transaction: — Sell the item or service. — Enter the item/service name and sales price into the iPhone. It figures sales tax automatically from the percentage you will have entered previously into your iPhone’s Square software—if you charge sales tax. — Swipe the credit card, as shown in their pictures on the app page and the iPhone calls in an approval, which takes about 10 seconds. — A screen appears for your customer to sign. (They can use their finger, or you can carry an iPhone stylus that you can get from Apple or almost any large online sales place. The stylus is like a pen and can stay in your pocket. I suggest you get one since it is more natural to use a pen-like device to sign.) If they use their finger instead of a stylus, it works fine, just feels awkward.  — When the signature is complete, the iPhone lets you select to send the customer an email (HTML) or an SMS (text) receipt. You should carry a small receipt book since the terms of use require a physical receipt be provided the customer for transactions over US$25; although, I find most customers are happy to get the detailed receipt by email or text. The emailed receipt has all information about the transaction, a map showing the location of the transaction, and even a picture of you, if you entered one on the Square website. Everything you do with Square is followed up with a detailed email. Any transactions you do appear almost instantly in your account section of the Square website. Once per week, the Square system transfers the net proceeds of sales into your bank. You can download a spreadsheet with all transaction information at any time from the website (.CSV format). I highly recommend this service to anyone who has a low to medium sales volume business that needs on-site credit card transactions. The whole process of entering the sale and accepting payment is fast and easy. You’ll be able to carry all your sales equipment in your pocket or purse. So far, my relationship with Square has been professional, productive, and flawless! Regards, Darrell Young

2:Great App, Product and Service

  • author:djzapp
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-05-19 07:44:00

Where to begin, Signed up a few months ago and got and email about the time of the iPad launch. I downloaded the app a week after I got my iPad and didn't have a swiper. I emailed them and they said if I sent a prepaid shipping label they would send one right out. I am gonna shorten this down a bit but used this device to charge a few bucks to see it work and it was flawless. Now on to a answer for some of the unnecessary Ratings and comments for this app: Service: So when I created my account I did notice I had a $100 transaction limit. I emailed the support staff and got a answer in a few hours, Very quick!! They asked me about my business and asked for anything like flyers or Business cards to see what I am about, How much my products are and various other facts. Note: I had to give my left eye to get going with Merchant Focus (another company) they took two weeks for an approval. Square took 24 hours and they got back to me. They raised my limit to well over $1200 per transaction. I have emailed the staff and worked with Erin at Square and I have been blown away at the service I have received. Fast and perfect service. APP: First and foremost this is Free and they have updated it twice in one month. I can easily see them charging $24.99 for this app and the service. NO and I mean None, monthly fees, I pay $25 month now for a merchant focus account and my rates per transaction are higher. I am saving well over $50month in just fees with Square. I do wish the receipt system was a little better this may be in an update. The main concept that people are not understanding is that Jacob is 25yrs old and wants to sell a very old Electronics item for $75 bucks and he can sell this to a friend, and his friend can use a credit card to pay him. Very simple for small transactions, But this company will accommodate you if you need more. Product: The unit that was shipped to me works on both my iPad and My iPhone. I just need to have the Dongle plugged in to process a transaction. You must hold the unit with your hand when you swipe, it will move and you wont get a even swipe if you don't. Hardware wise I have no complaint, it does what it needs to. Conclusion: I cannot say enough good things about this company. It is sad that some people have to go to such great lengths to badger a company and not enough people can stand up and say WOW this actually works. Square if you are reading this, Thanks a bunch for this wonderful Software and Hardware Combination. Keep up the great work and I will be your customer for a long time.

3:Worked perfectly, fantastic solution.

  • author:BigToonce
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-04-09 01:49:00

I volunteer for a non-profit organization that does a number of fundraising events annually. Our biggest was last Saturday. About a week before the event I was dreading having to set up and then process credit cards. By chance I read an article about Square and had a look at the app. I signed us up, thinking that at least we could use it sometime in the future. Amazingly, the reader arrived only a few days later so we were able to try it Saturday alongside our existing solution. Let me tell you. The Square app worked so well, and processed cards so fast, we didn't even use our old solution. Even setting it up was easy. We tried it with an iPod on wifi, an iPhone 3(not gs), an iPhone 4, and both generations of iPad. Switching among each device was as simple as pulling the reader out of the headphone jack, putting it in the next device, starting the app, and logging in. It worked great on every device. Several of our donors mentioned how neat the system was, all trusted it, and nobody had any problems signing with their finger. We did have a stylus just in case, which worked, but wasn't needed like I initially thought it would be. We processed just under $7,000 that night without a hitch. Three business days later, the entire balance was automatically transferred to our bank account. To top it off, Square support was very responsive (I asked them about a feature request). They got back to me within a few minutes on email and told me the feature I requested is on the roadmap. We found the solution to entirely meet our needs and actually exceed our expectations on all fronts. It's an awesome idea, and the fact that it's real, and well supported, is great. We will be able to use this at all of our events and I won't have any setup headaches at all. A phone, a Square reader, done. I hope as the company grows, they'll be able to keep the costs low and the level of service high. If they can do that, we will be using this solution for a long, long time.

4:Small business? Get this. It rocks out loud!

  • author:cosby01
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-11-17 00:02:00

I've written exactly 4 reviews out of the hundreds of apps I've downloaded. I am proud to write this one. I have a small photography business (less than $10k/yr) and I needed a way to accept credit cards on occasion. Engaged couples sometimes reserve one credit card to put all wedding expenses on and they need to be able to leave deposits and pay balances with plastic. Yet I am in no position to pay merchant account fees, equipment rental, monthly minimums, yearly contract fees and multi-year contracts just for the 4 or 5 times a year I need the convenience. I got tangled up years ago with merchant services because I thought I NEEDED to have a credit card reader at any cost in order to be successful. Well, there does quickly come a point of diminishing returns when my merchant fees exceeded my income. It sucked for me and I vowed never to get involved with merchant credit services. However, SQUARE has solved that problem in spades! Within a week of downloading the free app I had confirmed my bank account with SQUARE and took my first credit card order for $51 a day later. Flawlessly awesome! Within 48 hours the money was safely in my bank account. I received the new and improved SQUARE card reader in the mail last week and promptly ran a bunch of credit cards through the mag reader to see how easy it was (without actually charging anything, or course). Perfect reads almost every time. I can't wait to whip this bad boy out the next time I have a credit card transaction and watch the customer's eyes pop when they sign their signature with their finger on my iPhone. Thank you Square. 2.75% +.15 per swipe 3.5% + .15 per swipe These are the ONLY fees to use this service. That's it. The merchant service every small business owner has been looking for... especially me.

5:Read all of the documentation

  • author:Lynkus
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-05-13 07:02:00

The Terms of Service, Use Policy, and Electronic Documentation policies are all easily available, and acceptance is required during registration. Yes, there is a credit check required to accept card payment, and Square clearly states that a credit limitation will be imposed on new accounts. The gripes that I have read in these reviews are unfounded, as this service should not be used by persons unwilling to submit proper verication. While it took quite some time for me to read and understand the 20 pages of legal documentation surrounding this service, I consider it a cost of doing business. It should be known that accounts are subject to an accompanying "reserve" (security deposit) account, which protects Square from charge-backs. It is well documented that the reserve account will be funded by processed payments, equal to the average of 14-days worth of transactions, and only removed by verification of credit worthiness. I am excited by the prospects that this service opens for me! The fees are slightly better than PayPal, there are no transaction volume requirements, receipts are automatically generated for your customers, and the portability of an iPhone provides the perfect medium for on-site sales of merchandise. If you are running a small business, give this service some consideration. Just do yourself a favor by reading, and understanding, all of the legal documentation.

6:Kinda in love with Square right now

  • author:Heliades Flora
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-12-10 02:16:00

I held off on signing up for Square because of concerns over the card readers not shipping, but when I finally went for it a few weeks ago, I received my reader less than a week after signing up. Set-up is ultra-easy, so far everything works great, the reader even fits over my iphone case, and the rate totally and completely beats anything offered by traditional credit card terminal companies or even other iphone-based terminal apps. As a new small business owner, the amount I'm savings by not having to pay a monthly fee and/or terminal rental makes me want to kiss my card reader. Plus it's cute - so tiny, so scifi futurific. Oh, one other thing: a few reviewers have criticized Square's policy of sharing info with 3rd parties, but I think they didn't quite read the privacy policy all the way though. Square is a middle man between the user and the credit card companies, so they have to communicate with third parties - namely, credit card companies and banks - to provide service. They state specifically they don't sell our customer info to spammers, marketers, etc., and if I want them to put money in my bank, I have to give them my bank account number. I understand privacy concerns, certainly, but let's consider the nature of this service before jumping on the freak-out train.

7:Square is great!!!

  • author:Phil Atlanta
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-04-18 07:38:00

The Square app and card reader are great! No basic per transaction fee (they eliminated that last month) or monthly fee (never has been one) and a flat percentage of the sale make credit card processing available for almost everyone. I have a personal account and have used it to sell items on Craigslist - makes it a breeze. By simply signing in to the account of the nonprofit agency for which I volunteer, I'm able to process credit cards for them as well. There has been some mention that the fees are exorbitant. Duh? No special equipment is needed to be purchased or rented.... no 15 to 25 cents per transaction plus a percentage fee; no monthly minimums, the same low percentage rate for all cards, including Discover and American Express (which are usually higher). I'm beginning to wonder if the negative reviews are being placed by other credit card processors who are worried that Square is taking away their business (and their profits). I know Square is not for everyone, but for the small business or non profit (or the larger business that needs to make credit card transactions at differing locations), Square is an amazingly convenient and easy-to-use (and affordable) technology. I'm very pleased!!!!

8:What a Wonderful App!

  • author:icanhazsabrez
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-01-20 14:14:00

I don't understand why there is a single poor review for this service. The (software) app is free, the hardware is free and works PHENOMENALLY. I couldn't believe how simple the whole thing was to set up. I first looked into Square while researching replacements for our accounting software for our home business. It was surprisingly difficult to find software that would allow us to keep the same merchant account we were using, so I began looking for just a card processing replacement. I ordered my Square reader and it arrived quickly and works great. I've used it to receive payment from friends to split the lunch bill, and will again soon at my garage sale if someone doesn't have cash. I am so impressed with this app and this company. Such a well implemented idea. Great job! I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. One suggestion: if receipts could be sent as a .pdf attachment to an email, rather than a text only message or an SMS text message, that would be great. A .pdf file is much easier to store, especially if Square is used for business purposes. Texts can be lost, but .pdf can be stored on an external HD. Just a thought.

9:Just Plain Cool!

  • author:Geronden
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-06-02 12:31:00

I just downloaded the app as I work in a booth at a traveling fair. I could not imagine a simpler tool to use in a business!! It easily takes credit card transactions and sends out receipts via email or SMS. The customer chooses what they would like to receive and their information is kept private so if they enter their email or phone number the retailer does not have access to it. Another cool point for this app is that it acts as a basic POS. You can enter in cash transactions and it will log those each day as well, then at the end of the day you can download a CVS file to enter into an Excel spreadsheet. Finally you can have up to ten devices logged into your account concurrently if you need more than one portal to your account. You can also apply to have your transaction limit increased if you are a business and are willing to share a little minor information about yourself and your business. At this time the only real drawback I see is that it takes about a month to receive your reader in the mail and the application for the ipad does not work in landscape orientation. This would be helpful for those using the apple ipad case.

10:The Best Mobile Terminal

  • author:EMTtech
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-05-12 11:43:00

I have been using square since it's infancy and it is the best mobile terminal, I think Ever. the application process is easy and is very reasonable considering the service they are giving you. the app itself is very well written, is multi-platform and has been well tested to remove glitches. the fees associated with Square are only slightly higher than some and are much lower than most, but, if one factors in the lack of a registration fee, terminal fee, monthly fee, etc. this service is staggeringly good. the square device is shipped to you free of charge after your registration is completed, easily installs into the headphone jack of your iPad, iPhone 2/3G/3G[s], ipod touch 2G/3G and the upcoming 4th generation iPhone and 4th generation iPod touch. gripe: if you key in the card number on the device instead of swiping the card, you are assessed a slightly higher fee percentage rate, but its still about the same as a Paypal fee even at that. over all, this is perfect for anyone with a small business, a side business, or just the occasional craigslist-er or forum browser that prefers not use a service like PayPal.

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