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1:Very Impressed!

  • author:Garbo17
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-01-07 13:21:00

Living in the National Capital Region, you come to rely on weather data to maintain your sanity on the commuting circuit. This app is like having a personal meteorologist at your beck and call. After some experimentation with the interface, it is eminently configurable and customizable. The full power and resources of the National Weather Service are available to you. It acts as an audible weather alert radio, but can be silenced all day or just for the overnight hours and church, if desired -- you set the time of day to your liking. You can choose to get alerts for just your County Weather Area or City, or set alerts to notify you of weather affecting Aunt Gertrude in Poughkeepsie, NY! There must be over a hundred types of alerts with severity levels that can be set to update when you are connected to the web. I have an iPod Touch and so don't expect it to function in my Wi-Fi dead zone at work. But it will update in the morning and can be viewed off-line during the day and could be updated whenever I am near a Wi-Fi Hot Spot. This has become my favorite and most trusted reference app. The only two suggestions I would make for the developers is to add a cancel button for the bookmarking/paper clip function. My fat fingers are always inadvertently toggling it off and on. A 'Cancel' button would save many extra keystrokes. Also, an in-app link to and return from an NWS acronym page would be useful in initially deciphering the NWS jargon in the alerts and forecast notes section until you become adept. Good Job!

2:Does what it says. Excellent.

  • author:carl9son
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-05-12 23:10:00

This app is feature-rich and achieves it's objective: it alerts me whenever the kinds of severe weather I care about in my county are occurring. MANY options to view current and upcoming weather & radar. I expect this app will get better over time. Take 15 minutes to actually familiarize yourself with the way the UI is laid out and appreciate the features. Do not make the mistake of overlooking those features just because the app doesn't resemble the Weather Channel app or Weatherbug. In response to another reviewer who claims the app didn't alert him to a storm at night because his phone was in wi-fi mode and his power went out: Your implication is that the app won't alert you if the phone is in wi-fi mode but there isn't a wi-fi network to connect to. The iPhone's iOS decides whether or not it's able to connect to a wi-fi network. If it can't, it uses the mobile network. The app has nothing to do with that. For example, two days ago I left my phone in wi-fi mode then went for a walk outside my wi-fi range. We happened to be under a tornado watch in the northern part of my county and the app successfully alerted me, mere minutes after the warning was issued, via 3G. Even though the phone was in wi-fi mode. In the future I think the appropriate thing to do would be to contact the developer with your concern instead of posting a complaint review that makes little sense.

3:NOAA Weather Heaven!

  • author:EEisFun
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-10-16 21:58:00

This is the single, best weather app for those of us that live in the real world of small towns & remote sites, at least in the USA. I love the NOAA NWS website because it will access every little weather reporting station in the US including little places like Tehachapi, CA and will produce an adapted weather forecast for any latitude/longitude. There is an incredible amount of data available including the NOAA Forecaster's discussion of the basis for prediction, radar, satellite, precip maps, hour by hour graphs, interactive maps with topo & satellite images. Fantastic! Couple the greatness of the NOAA NWS website with the GPS, the display of the iPhone 4 and the talent of the programmer of this app you have the perfect weather app! The is very little you cannot access from the NWS with this app. The only thing missing that I routinely use is the Storm Total Precipitation radar (it does have the 1hr Precip so I am whining). Really, this is a truly great app, spend time exploring the menus because there is so much available and pay attention to the "i" symbol on the graph, radar, and map tabs as that is how you pick from the different choices. Thank you for a great app. I had nearly given up on finding a useful weather app!

4:Great Weather App

  • author:AppreviewJMK
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-04-19 11:19:00

This is the most informative Weather App that I know about! This app gives you a great brief overview of areas of interest. For example I live in Texas and my parents live in Michigan I get to see a brief overview of what the weather is like in my region and there region on one page. If i want to know more I simply click on Michigan or Texas and see weather forecast, radar, etc..... The alerts are great.... the main reason i bought this in the 1st place was for Tornado warnings. You can pick and chose what alerts you get and currently I just have the Tornado warning on for Texas and some others for Michigan. It appears that a-lot of bad reviews came in 2009; I don’t know what the app was like back in 2009 but i can say that the developers of this app have updated this app with several good improvements since i have had it and will probably continue to make improvements. The app had a bug just recently and they fixed it immediately..... even with the bug I was still getting winter weather advisory warnings for Michigan. To me the app is impressive 5 Stars all the way.... what’s better is the people behind the app seem to care about their product. Weather Alert USA is a 5 Star App!

5:Best I have seen (but not perfect)

  • author:A Guy in Seattle
  • rating:5
  • Date:2010-11-27 00:18:00

This is by far the best app I have seen for people with a serious interest in weather. Basically an app skin over the National Weather Service data feeds. In particular, this is the only one I have found that includes the National Weather Service forecast discussion notes. This is where you find out what is really going on with the weather, and whether or not the forecasters have confidence in what they are predicting. The user interface is a bit wonky, but certainly usable. The design is definitely not as pretty as some of the other apps, but for a weather app all that really matters is the data. My one real quibble is the visible satellite imagery they chose to include -- 8 km resolution color enhanced infrared. I would much rather see the 1 km resolution visible. It would be best if the app provided a choice of satellite products. And it would be great if the app included Canada. But it is called Weather Alert USA after all, so I guess I can't really expect to find another country here -- especially because the app is so tightly coupled with the USA National Weather Service data. It would probably have to be completely re-done to get the Environment Canada data.

6:This Is The One

  • author:ChattaTrain
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-10-29 10:11:00

Having wasted some money on other weather apps, I can say without reservation that is app meets most my weather info needs and then some. Textual wx description, weather maps including radar and satellite, this app has them all. The user interface is very well thought out. Surprising few reviews on here, but most of them positive. Nope, no paid boosters here. Just surprisingly good. Perhaps people see the name of the program and don't realize that this is a full on weather info station, bar none. The name certainly fooled me. I'd change the app's name to say "NOAA WX + Alert" or something like that to attract people looking for a personal wx app that has local weather plus radar. This app is the one. Added note: The reviews are generally positive after the update. The negative reviews prior to the update is definitively not the current norm and singularly silly. This app is presently the best WX app out there. As I have mentioned before, I've used quite a few WX apps out there. Just trying to save some people some wasted time and money. A handful of people out there probably know what I'm talking about, unfortunately. Oh well. I tried.

7:Really like new version 4.0

  • author:MilesN
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-01-19 09:24:00

Version 4.0 provides some great upgrades in terms of information accessibility. It's much more user-friendly; a simple 90 degree rotation changes information from daily summaries to detailed daily weather forecasts. The alerts are a great feature of this app, with user control over which alerts to hear/see, and for which areas (with options to have them not sound during user-set "quiet/sleep" times). The amount of weather information available is most likely more than most will need, but the ability to quickly find the most salient information is much better in this new version 4.0. When one is on the "Brief" page, one must double-tap to get back to the full page of information. It would be nice to see a one-time notice for this or a button provided in addition to the double-tap navigation. It's easy to appear to be locked between the Brief and Main pages. No problems getting it installed or with its operations so far. All my notice settings carried over from the prior version, which was a relief. I didn't have to re-specify anything. As far as I know, this is the most complete weather app out there, and it just got much better.


  • author:Scottyonthepiped
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-08-09 21:45:00

Really, really useful. Some reviews complain that it alerts you to too many weather events, but actually, you can totally customize which weather warnings you want sound alerts or text alerts for, and you get to choose what counties you are alerted for. This means you only get the loud audio alert for the event type (tornado warning, thunderstorm watch, etc.) you want in the counties you want. HOW TO CUSTOMIZE EVENT ALERTS: First, choose what counties in your area that you want to be alerted for. Then... You choose the alert level by going to setup/alerts/then click on the top choice. That takes you to your alert list. Then you can either enable all or disable all alerts, then go through the list and modify the particular alerts you do or don't want. You do this by clicking on an alert so that it toggles through its paces. Bold text/blue dot means you get audio and text alert, bold text/grey dot means you just get a text alert, non-bold text, grey dot means you won't receive alerts for that event. TERRIFIC! For a guy who lives in tornado country, this is a God send. THANKS!

9:Great Weather App!

  • author:m3coolpix
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-04-29 08:47:00

The past week has seen many weather and fire alerts here in the North Texas area. Received them all thanks to this app. Been using the app for 8+ months and it's awesome. Weather Alerts USA is by far the absolute BEST weather app in the app store for weather junkies, bar none. It has no peer at this time. I've bought and tried so many weather apps since the app store opened, it's not funny. Great to see it moving up the ranks! Look at the reviews from those who NEED weather info, and you'll see the app is worth every penny, and does everything it says it does, gathering. All the data from the NOAA NWS. No frivolous 'in app purchase' to get all the goods with this app, or keep it running. Once you buy it.....Look around (no ads!), configure it, and you'll find everything you'll need or want is there...if you can't find it (or don't know how to configure it)...send them an email or check the Softpeas website for help. Behind this app is a developer/company that is proactive and cares. They answer emails promptly and honestly, and they constantly update the app.

10:Best weather app by far

  • author:Avie10
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-02-10 09:54:00

Update-update: the new update seems to have fixed the problems and added some cool features. Back to great! Update: Wow, what a difference a day makes. This used to be a fantastic app. USED TO BE. Now it's worthless. At first it wouldn't update all my locations. That was annoying, but it still worked. Now it just crashes every time I open it. I don't know what happened, but this is now a great app ruined. I wouldn't pay for this app unless they fix it. I've tried several weather apps. Either they don't work, or they steal your data. This app is an excellent way to get critical weather information in an instant. The developers really thought this one through with the latest update. They've made the most out the iPhone's various functions in order to give you access to all the NOAA information you'll need to plan your day, or, if you live in Tornado Alley like I do, receive critical, life saving information anytime, anyplace. This is the best weather app by far and design wise, may be one of the best apps period.

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