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1:Nice App but the Theme I purchased disappeared!

  • author:Pandora's Abyss
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-01-23 12:21:00

(Version 1.3.5) I installed the upgrade for this app a few days ago and noticed that the Persona's Theme I purchased had disappeared. I synced with my iMac (just in case) but it is no longer on my phone. I have to admit that this is a bit disappointing. I have an email out to customer service and am sure this will be fixed quickly. Other than that I haven't had any problems. The temperature is correct and thus far hasn't crashed. Nice App! (Version 1.3.4) I actually like this app. I used it for a couple of months before purchasing the "Persona" background which is a nice change. I like to travel so it is handy to be able to check the weather at multiple locations and to date it has been pretty accurate. Would like to see more backgrounds and would like for it to rotate if the programmers are looking for suggestions.


  • author:Flpinkmink
  • rating:5
  • Date:2013-02-04 08:51:00

I love my Zen Tree and the animation of the hanging lantern and bird house that indicates the wind speed, and the way it goes from daylight to evening is pretty cool too! I have falling rain to not only show me the chance of rain, but it falls on different patterns if the wind slants the rain it the amount of rain that falls is either minimal or intense withe lots of wind gusts and lightening! It's just too cute and ever so much more accurate than our little balding weatherman!! Weather wise gets a thumbs up !!!!

3:Wonderful Weather App

  • author:Kencochran2
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-03-27 03:08:00

I never touched my original weather app, but ever since I heard about Weatherwise on iPad today, I have checked it every day! It's simple, yet complex. Beautiful, yet informative. If you just want to know the weather, it simply shows the forecast. If you want specifics, with a touch of a button, you see quite a few extra details for throughout the day and night. Only downside is the more detailed information is only available for the current day.


  • author:Ida S Baca
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-07-07 20:17:00

I was having problems with the random themes part. After two updates on the weatherwise it would never change themes every time you would open the icon. After this recent update it works! I am happy and it's more clearer, faster and easy to read. Love this app. I recommend it to anyone. And the team who created it does listen to you whenever you have a complaint. Thanks, for correcting the problem!

5:My little patch of iPad ZEN.

  • author:PSDiva
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-06-06 09:19:00

It doesn't do a lot but my tree is so zen. I like to check on it and see how it is doing. I love to post screen shots of it on FB. I like the way the lantern glows at night and the wind chimes blow with the wind. I'm very scared that my tree's leave will change color and fall off which would make me very unhappy. Thank you for some peace on my ipad in a chaotic world.

6:I love it.

  • author:bishouchou
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-06-07 18:42:00

It is aesthetically pleasing and the weather is fine. I am not a weather fanatic but it works fine for me. It's a gem considering the price as well :) please keep updating with more themes! A theme suggestion could be a bonsai tree that changes shape and scenery depending on the day or weather. Another one could be a cityline or the ocean would also be nice!

7:Super creative making it fun to check the weather

  • author:pakman050
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-08-20 19:41:00

The illustrations are very well done so much in fact that it makes me want to check the weather more often to see what will appear. I like the randomizer function to surprise me each time I start up the app. I've had the app for several months, today was the first time I saw the nighttime lightning animation... still keeping weather interesting.


  • author:Pammiepuddin
  • rating:5
  • Date:2014-07-17 19:14:00

Living in Minnesota, daily weather is an important, ever-changing feature. I enjoy the Weatherwise app for its whimsical bonsai graphic, it's animated weather backgrounds and all the details the new updated app provides. Thank you! It's the first thing I check every morning. I have other local weather apps but none are as fun and entertaining.

9:Beautifully Simple

  • author:brooklynmint
  • rating:5
  • Date:2014-10-22 19:20:00

I have a few weather apps on my phone and Weatherwise is the only one that I use. Some of the other apps may have more information, but most times it is difficult to get to that information. In addition, most of the information turns out to be irrelevant to me. Great app and intuitive to navigate. Definitely built with the iPhone in mind.

10:Weather or not

  • author:Bob malooga
  • rating:5
  • Date:2013-03-13 12:07:00

The other weather doo-hickie is ok,solid,good info. Weather wise is a different cat.this app puts u in the mood for all kinds of weather. And of course, free is always a good price, right? Right! But where's. my theme I bought for my iPad? It should have iclouded over. Please don't tell me your gonna charge me twice. App is very cool.

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