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1:Whether weather

  • author:EST meets GMT
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-01-02 07:33:00

This is the only ipad weather app I have loaded so can't compare against others, but more than sufficient for my needs. I have found it accurate although with winter snow storms I must make a point of refreshing to ensure I am receiving updated accumulation amounts. I typically use it in the "conditions" mode, although the radar, satellite and conus bonus make it a fascinating meteorological tool. Since a recent update however (Nov 2012?), there are some bugs/annoyances: Annoyance 1: When viewing in conditions mode as 7 day, the days of the week icons across the bottom become stuck - before was able to stroke across them to reveal additional day/night icons, now it doesn't consistently work. Annoyance 2: Also in the same mode and view, there are pop up ads which cover the day/night icons when you first launch the program. I have NO issue with pop up ads - I realize the app is free for us so the advertisers are helping to fund it (and I have actually downloaded a few of the pop up ad apps offered), BUT if ipad oriented in landscape mode, tapping on the pop up ad (required in order to make it go away), the view switches to portrait and doesn't return to landscape after tapping the "close" button (to eliminate the pop up) so I have to jog the ipad back into my preferred landscape mode. Bug: When in conditions mode, 7 days, if there is an active watch or warning button on the page, when tapping it for details which formerly provided accurate in effect times, I am now confused by the in effect times noted. There is a posting date/time followed by start date/time and end date/time which are quote GMT - or are they? They cite a -5 hour difference (for EST) but that doesn't seem to correspond with the time posted. I find it hard to explain, and while I do know what GMT is being from UK, I can't determine if the time has already taken that into account or not. Sometimes the posting,start and end days/times are all the same - so I feel something is off there. Just getting into detail there should the programmers be reading this and want to take a look-see. In summary, absolutely useful, almost always accurate, and a beautiful layout. Less you think I am ungrateful, I am not - thank you for this app. It is a keeper for me and haven't felt the need to look elsewhere. Happy new year!

2:Has Info other apps don't offer

  • author:Ipod Siruis
  • rating:4
  • Date:2012-11-04 09:56:00

Great use of NOAA maps including contiguous and pressure maps - something most apps lack. Highly recommend for access to true weather details and not just the "cloudy and 40F" summaries that most apps offer. Minor improvement would be: - rotating side ways displays full screen maps. Especially in pressure maps where the upper and lower menus take up significant space - swipe left to right to move between maps. - better layout for current/forecast views. All the info is there, but the views are more "clunky" that some apps. Please keep improving, the detail in this app is in a different class than most others!

3:Us current weather map a plus

  • author:Earnhardt3fan
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-01-01 04:26:00

This app is the only one (at least among the free apps)That provides a us weather current conditions map with the highs, lows and fronts. I think viewing this map is more useful in getting an overall picture of weather over the next few days than the so called 'forecasts' of most services. Seldom do any two agree. At that, the annoying ads appearing on the current conditions page knocks the forecast off. You need to go to another screen to clear them before returning to the forecast page and be able to see the daily forecast

4:It just works.

  • author:RedRider06
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-06-16 05:58:00

Nice improvement by having the hourly information in the landscape view. I use my device in landscape most of the time. Local info is large display and easy to read from across the room. Sunrise, sunset, moon information -- all the interesting details are always displayed. More exotic info is just a touch away. Suggested improvement: Pick a weather satellite according to coast of the user. I'm on the east coast and the view from space favors the west coast. Still a good app and happy with its performance.


  • author:AnotherRobert
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-12-27 11:15:00

This is a fantastic app! Far too many apps focus more on being pretty than on information. This app looks good and this is the way weather should be shown. It gives you a ton of info on one screen and is easily navigated. I work outside all day, the hourly forecast is very important and this app does it great. The variety of radar information is helpful and any hunter will appreciate the moon phase information and sun rise/set times. Well done!

6:Great Wx App

  • author:DaveT-CT
  • rating:5
  • Date:2013-05-16 11:43:00

I use this regularly over the other apps I have loaded. I particularly like the moving satellite images. They provide a really good view of large scale Wx systems and how they interact. Watching hurricane Sandy develop and move on this app was absolutely incredible! As a private pilot I tend to start my weather briefings here to get a quick large picture synopsis, then go to DUAT/DUATS/ADDS etc for more detailed aviation specific information.

7:US Weather

  • author:Tootler3
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-01-18 08:20:00

Generally very helpful and as accurate as weather forecasts tend to be for those of us in areas where the data collecting stations have been eliminated by budget cuts. A couple of glitches, namely it won't scroll to the entire week at times, and has trouble finding my location. I wish it had more detail on its regional "movies," I.e., I can't see my state on it. The state radar is low res and moves choppily, but I can see the general trend.

8:Great app!

  • author:Banksdurand
  • rating:4
  • Date:2012-02-27 21:37:00

I love that I can find the hourly weather as well as a 7 day forecast. It's great to be able to see a weeks worth of weather at a touch of a button. I also love that warnings show up like a number in the corner of the icon, so even if I'm not looking for the weather I will notice that there's an advisory or a warning. This app has everything you could want including the satellite images, radar, pressure, etc. love it!

9:Radar, precipitation, and detailed forecast

  • author:Jcbdick
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-03-05 19:09:00

I like the radar and detailed forecast, but I would like to see a quick forecast as well with just a quick picture, high and low. Right now I go to the Weather app that came on the iPhone for a quick week forecast and into USweather if I want detail, radar, or precipitation (like predicted snowfall). I agree with others that I'd like to see a central region on the radar zoom.


  • author:Ingridtrees
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-01-06 03:32:00

I use this app as my primary weather site. It's almost always right on and I have all of my favorite places easily accessible. My only minor beef is that the ads (when on landscape viewing on iPad) are right over the daily weather forecasts. I'm sure for a free site it makes sense to set things up that way for their sponsors soo...no biggie, just a slight inconvenience.

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