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1:Not quite as easy to use as it used to be

  • author:Krismort
  • rating:3
  • Date:2013-04-10 14:26:00

I like most of the features, although the forecasts an the app are often different than what's shown on the TV news. I also have kids who live in another part of the country and like to see what weather they're experiencing, usually to know what the weather will be like when we visit. I can add their cities and used to be able to go back and forth with arrows by the name of the city it's showing. The instructions in the help section say that's how to get to the other areas that are saved but the arrows disappeared after an update a few months ago. Every time I update again, I hope the bug fixes include that but I still have to go into the menu and choose a city and go back to the menu to switch back. If I hadn't already experienced the other way with the app, I'd probably still suggest that it be made easier. Since I know it can be done, I'm a bit bothered that this bug has not been fixed.

2:Wow!! A KSL Weather team homerun

  • author:Vdog78
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-11-19 23:37:00

I use KSL apps for many things (classifieds, weather, news, etc.) So I was a little disappointed when they revised the news app and seemed to scrimp on the weather section. Until, I surfed around the weather section and found a link to this new weather app. Wow!!! This quickly became my new weather app. The KSL weather team is top notch and now, so is their app. It's a homerun with all of it's freatures. Even allowing me to pan down via satellite to my street level to see conditions. Great app. Hasn't crashed on me yet. Running a 3GS still. Thanks KSL.

3:Better than some

  • author:Rojo333333333
  • rating:3
  • Date:2012-11-10 10:24:00

New update: I like the way you switch between city's now(tap the button that looks like a house and it gives you a customizable list), however why they updated and didn't FULLY fix the video feed, I'll never understand! You can now watch the latest forecast but when it's finished the app freezes. I've found ksl to have the most accurate forecasts and the app is very informative, but It would also be nice if it showed more that 20 min. on the radar and to have a temp badge on the home screen icon. Other than that it's great!


  • author:Sonicreindeer
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-07-30 03:43:00

NOW THIS IS THE QUALITY & PRIDE I am expecting from ANY app!!! I've downed apps from several news station providers & KSL - TV schooled 'em all!!! The functionality of this app is so easy to use it's idiotproof! Having grown up in Salt Lake, I've come to rely upon Channel 5 News back when Dick Norris was at the desk w/ his no-nonsense delivery of the news. THIS APP IS A KEEPER! ALL OTHERS ARE NOW DELETED!!! LATERS!!!!!


  • author:NateQ-BallLaw
  • rating:1
  • Date:2013-03-15 19:13:00

If I could say no stars I would. EVERY KSL app I have tried (iPhone 4S so I know it's not my hardware) has been absolutely horrible. I've compared this app to other weather apps (for one month) and let me tell you, that wonderful warm weather we had that was forecasted by other apps sure was cold and rainy according to KSL's.... Do yourselves a favor while saving money at the same time and stop making apps.

6:Good app but....???

  • author: BrookeJewkes
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-03-05 13:55:00

Ok this really is a great app but I think I'm just a little confused when I look at the ten day forecast and displayed is a sunshine with no clouds but then I click on the info for that day and it says, for example, "60%" chance of precipitation. Is it my ignorance or a flaw in the app??? When I see a sun icon I think "no chance of rain" but the info tells a different story. No big deal. Still a good app.


  • author:jscott2007
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-05-15 08:03:00

When the day's forecast says 0% precipitation, and the hourly forecast shows more than half the day with 60-100% chances of precip, you know there's a problem. I downloaded 2 News' weather app, and it actually updates and syncs with each type of forecast (ie. Hourly, daily, etc). I've just found the forecasts to be so inconsistent with the KSL app, and no one cares to fix it. Later KSL.

8:Suits my purposes

  • author:HandyCandyCorn
  • rating:4
  • Date:2012-01-19 01:29:00

I've found that KSL is a lot more accurate than the weather app that comes with the iPhone. The only problem I have with it is that it is a little slow loading every time you open the app. Other than that it works great and I can get the weather from all over Utah. I haven't used the video part of this app yet however so I don't know how that functions.

9:Update and now feature gone

  • author:Andreak2002
  • rating:1
  • Date:2012-10-31 12:36:00

The arrows to go to the next saved location were removed so now i can only view current location. Please fix asap. Also interesting that you overlayed "powered by Burt Brothers" right over top of Vortex when the app is opened. Didn't know they did the weather too. Lol Doesn't anyone check their programming anymore these days? I hate updates....

10:Problems with latest version

  • author:Tazendra 1
  • rating:3
  • Date:2013-09-15 02:48:00

I have used this app for quite some time and have been very satisfied. However, with this latest version it doesn't seem to be getting accurate data. I live in Alpine and twice over the last week, I've been in a downpour and the radar doesn't show any activity. Switching over to future seems to do a better hi of showing what is happening.

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