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1:Must-have app in tornado country; paid version even better

  • author:A._B.
  • rating:5
  • Date:2013-03-12 04:11:00

I've downloaded probably 15-20 weather apps over the last several years. For U.S. severe storms, this or the even better paid app is a must-have since it shows individual storm cells, detailed severity data, their expected arrival time in each town and their track. See the sample screens in the app description. Most other apps just show you the radar display and the NWS warning areas. When you have 2 hours of multiple angry red radar blobs headed your way, it helps to know what's just heavy rain and what's real trouble. In the most recent outbreak of severe weather, I used this app to track 10+ severe storms and a tornado as they passed through my county in quick succession. I knew when to hide in the basement for the one cell that passed within 2 miles (for 5 minutes) and when to go about my business (the other 2-3 hours). By comparison, my wife was stuck sheltering at work in a hallway for 90-minutes based on a county-wide alert. She did not have access to storm track data other than what I was texting her. That same storm outbreak killed one, injured several and destroyed 100+ homes. I started with the free version, which is very good, then happily parted with $10 for the paid upgrade for additional info while I was hiding in the basement.

2:Awesome Weather App

  • author:Tooterbug
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-07-12 10:23:00

It's seems the ratings are proportionate to ones meteorlogical expertise. This app knocks other weather apps out of the ball park. I am used to the weather apps that just give you what's happening or projected to happen and show you a radar. This app goes further. It makes me want to research what for instance is dBZ, which I googled. It entices you to learn more about the weather around you and provides a valuable tool in taking precautions when potentially severe weather may hit. In short, it's both simple and complex, as is weather forecasting. Can't cut on those that give 3 stars or less because they are "experts" and want more. If there is more to be had then I'm all for it, but it's beyond me, but I'm willing to learn. I could care less about the ads. Guess I zone them out. They are not a big part of the picture.

3:A step in the right direction.

  • author:Hope You've Got Kevlar
  • rating:3
  • Date:2011-08-25 00:57:00

1) Needs the option to filter the radar like WT's main program for the computer. The ground noise is insane! 2) Needs more features from the web/computer based setup has. 3) Inbound/Outbound velocities like "Storm Spotter" would be nice, with the green/red classification to view rotation levels. 4) Filters for watches & warnings would be appreciated. "Root Digger", Weather Tap was designed for professionals or those who need the best radar options for their daily activities. It wasn't designed for novices, if you want something like that, just download the Weather Channel App and you will have everything you need. I love WT, but this app has ground to cover to equal the program I pay my subscription for every year. For now, till updated, I give it 3-Stars.

4:Very nice free app; would pay for improvements!

  • author:CamelWidesMan
  • rating:4
  • Date:2011-06-04 16:44:00

As a free app, WeatherTap is very, very handy. I just wish there was a pay edition of the app with no ads and a few improvements: ability to hide menu bars for a full-screen map view; widescreen rotation view; and an explanation of the data provided in the storm track info pop-ups. I've never used the full WeatherTap site, so perhaps I don't know what I'm missing as another reviewer seems to suggest. But I *am* certain of this much: I'd pay $5-$10 and possibly more for a well-designed, detailed, ad-free weather app that provided advanced information and helped me learn the basics of how to use such info. WeatherTap is well on its way to being just such an app already; I hope its designers have plans to take it to the next level, and soon!

5:Poor Support

  • author:RBR2
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-06-28 08:56:00

A friend uses this app a great deal and sings its praises. I installed it and find it to be extraordinarily BAD. Poor doesn't begin to describe it. The radar display is cut off more often than not or simply fails to display major weather patterns at all. I emailed WeatherTap for assistance some time ago requesting assistance and have not even received an automated acknowledgement. I can only conclude that the product is no good and customer service is not a priority. I will not be buying the paid iOS or OS X versions and can not recommend that you do so. I rated the App one star, but it doesn't deserve that.

6:Stopped working

  • author:Well Focused
  • rating:2
  • Date:2013-04-09 22:51:00

Used to be a great app, I really liked it. However now it only gives me an error message saying there is no data for the radar in my geographic area. I have gotten this message for more than a month, and the message continues even when I delete the app and reinstall it. Nor will the link provided in the error message take me to an alternate page to see what the radar problem is or when it might be fixed. So, unfortunately the app is pretty useless now. I hope Weather Tap will remedy these two problems and get it working again. It was great when it worked, but I am about ready to permanently delete it.

7:Needs work

  • author:Meark
  • rating:3
  • Date:2011-07-10 07:05:00

Needs filtering, auto refresh, auto-rotate for iphone, and add-free version, for starters. Also, filtering is need badly to reduce the ground clutter. Not to be critical, but Radarscope has an auto-filter that works to perfection. Perhaps have a look at that. A good app otherwise. Don't get me wrong...this app has all the potential to blow Radarscope out of the water, if done exactly right. Root digger, you can google these questions you have. Weathertap has been in service for about 15 years, and from day one has always been designed for advanced level weather enthusiasts and spotters.

8:Very good but needs explanations of abbreviations and scales

  • author:Root digger
  • rating:4
  • Date:2011-06-10 03:04:00

I've been waiting for some bad weather to test this app, and we have it today. The storm-tracking features and warnings are excellent, but it really needs an explanation of some of the data. For example, meso means mesocyclone, but the meso scale is not defined so I have no idea what the number means. Similarly, TVS and VIL not defined and their scales not described. I checked the weathertap zoom website, but it doesn't address these questions. These fixes should be the next feature added, and then it won't seem like the app was built for meteorologists.

9:This is a toy

  • author:TimeTakr
  • rating:1
  • Date:2011-06-04 08:25:00

WeatherTap was created for pilots. The website is superb. When I downloaded it to my iPad, the first thing is the image is as large as my iPod Touch when I enlarge it, the images are blurry; not fun to look at sawtooth images. In short, this ranks right up there with toys. I was hoping to be able to tap the icon and have a Weather Tap program that I am used to seeing without going through Safari. Save space on your iPad and go to the WeatherTap service, pay the $8 bucks a month and see a real program.

10:Weather tap zoom

  • author:W Atherton
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-06-12 06:25:00

I have been a weatherTap subscriber for several years. Zoom is absolutely awesome! I have and use several radar apps on desktop and mobile devices. Weather tap has by far the best value for the money out there. I loaded zoom several days ago and continue to learn the best way to use it. It is an excellent combination of the most important radar tools. If other people depend on you for severe weather information, you must have weather tap zoom. In addition, their customer service is equally awesome.

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