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1:Review the app

  • author:Nrdctcg
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-04-24 05:07:00

Not a single review opining the cost of developing this app has even stopped to consider the benefit of this app, or the cost for people not having this information. Bush took a record surplus and left with a record deficit and borrowed trillions to fight a war on false pretenses. Billionares not paying an equivalent in taxes to middle class Americans costs us billions every year. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Yet, you complain about $200k? And you do do so with ZERO consideration for the cost effectiveness this could provide in saving businesses in lost time and workers comp, much less the medical cost we all shoulder, and the cost to human life. You contribute nothing worthwhile to a discussion when you ignorantly blast your opinions because you have a political axe to grind. That said the app appears to be useful and is convenient. It provides useful information to people who don't know what WBGT or a Heat Stress Exposure TLV is, which is probably most people. It is a convenient tool for workers who work outside and are far more likely to have a smartphone than a computer with Excel. If they had the convenience of doing the calculations on Excel they would be working inside, not working outside. As a professional in the health and safety field, I believe this appears to be a useful tool so far. I also applaud OSHA's attempt to get this critical information to the people who need it most in a very modern and convenient way. I would recommend employees and supervisors who work outside in hot climates give it a try.

2:This App Isn't Free.

  • author:David Jackman
  • rating:1
  • Date:2011-11-30 18:40:00

The US Department of Labor (or lack thereof) spent $200,000 of the American Taxpayer's money for this profoundly pathetic app. Even more egregious is that a British company benefitted from the deal and produced an app inferior to those created in most tutorials. Still more objectionable is the Labor Department's tacit approval of this particular theft and redistribution of US-created wealth to our competitors in the UK for no useful thing. The worst violation, however, of all American traditions and institutions that are good, rational, and reasonable is that this kind of lucrative expenditure on prototypically inferior thrift is EXTREMELY frequent and prevalent thanks to the spendthrifts on Capital Hill. I may soon withdraw my consent.

3:Cool app if they can fix the local temp/humidity issue

  • author:Iluvsoduko
  • rating:2
  • Date:2014-06-11 03:25:00

I experienced the same problem as other reviewers (actual temp is 90 degrees but app returned 67degrees), but manually entered in my local temp and humidity and received an appropriate risk level with great recommendations and helpful links when I clicked on precautions. This is a really good concept and is still a useful app (provided you can get the local temperature and humidity from a weather app and then manually enter them here). If they can get the local temp/humidity issue fixed, I'll rank as 4 or 5 stars.

4:Needs to use Forecast weather data again

  • author:gunslinger1969
  • rating:3
  • Date:2015-06-16 22:01:00

Previous version would pull weather forecast data and calculate the max danger for the day. Now it just pulls current temp and humidity. That's fine if I want to know the danger right now. But my crews and I are already in it at that point, or it's morning and there's no danger. If I want to give them warnings and tips to mitigate the hazard, I need the app to use the forecasted high and humidity so we can PLAN. It did it before, please do it again.


  • author:Idontwantastupidnickname
  • rating:5
  • Date:2013-06-12 08:54:00

I am a wildland firefighter. I wanted an app I could use to quickly calculate the heat index given temperature and RH- without a signal, which I often do not have. This is that app. I am not sure what the negative reviews are for. If you want to quickly know the current heat index for the safety or protection of your crew, job site, or just working in the yard somewhere that the heat index really matters, this is what you want.

6:Works well, well designed

  • author:metaphorce
  • rating:4
  • Date:2012-05-15 01:53:00

If this app cost $200,000 as somebody here claims, (where'd that number come from, any verified source?) that's a bit pathetic, BUT the app works well. You can input temp and humidity or grab that info automatically from the net (tap the GET CURRENT button. I had no problem getting the precautions or additional info. Perhaps the competence issues are pn the part of those who don't work their own iPhones so well?

7:Occupy wasteful spending!

  • author:UnhappyMonkey
  • rating:1
  • Date:2011-11-24 14:19:00

Apps like this shouldn't exist especially when it is paid for by the public dime. Gov't has no business wasting money coming up with such useless things when there are a lot more troubles to worry about... Now if the app actually did something useful that would be nice but as is a website linking to this information would've been more affective as the app doesn't offer anything insightful or unique. Sean

8:My first app review

  • author:bartekr
  • rating:1
  • Date:2011-11-24 12:04:00

This is no doubt the worst app I've ever come across in the app store. It's a heat index calculator (which it doesn't explain) and maybe would qualify as a middle school programming assignment. You basically type in a temperature (needs to be above 80F) and it tells you if it is hot outside (spoiler alert: it is). Seriously? Also, it cost $200k to write this app. That makes it so much worse.

9:Safety is

  • author:Labs47
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-06-02 03:00:00

Well said, Nrdctcg. This app provides valuable information for those of us who are professionals in the field of safety and know how to use it. Those reviewers only complaining about the cost of development are clueless and probably will remain so until such time as someone they care about suffers from heat stress, exhaustion or stroke. By then it may be too late. Kudos OSHA!

10:OSHA Heat Tool (No Version, DOL maintained)

  • author:RedCherries5876
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-07-22 17:19:00

Provided as a public service by the US Dpt. of Labor. Continually under development. All systems functioned during midnight test drive. Daytime access may be slower if relying on Gov. databases & public Internet servers. If it wont display protective measures, Plug in expected numbers after hours to get familiar with the requirements for the next day.

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