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  • author:K a y K a y
  • rating:2
  • Date:2013-12-16 00:24:00

It's an O.K. app. It's not very useful, considering that you have to keep the app OPEN to see the beautiful scenery. I wish that you could set the wallpaper as the scenery, to make my day come alive, but as soon as I opened the app I got disappointed. I deleted the app right away, and was surprised to see that you actually have to PAY to remove ads from such an awful app! If they add where you can make the scenery your wallpaper, I may consider, but with the app in the state that it is now, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, only someone who enjoys being disappointed.

2:Perfect in gives me what I looking for in weather.

  • author:Ksark1
  • rating:5
  • Date:2014-02-28 11:34:00

I really love this app. I can have several cities listed and with just a swipe of my finger change the city and still get current conditions. The main page can show your current condition along with upcoming forecast for the next several days or you can have more info like sunrise/sunset, humidity etc listed or you can chose to have it all hidden. This app is great in helping us plan what to pack for trips we go on and also helping our teen daughters chose what they will wear to school without being to hot or cold. Thank you for this app.

3:What's the use of this app?

  • author:sammi jo waxler
  • rating:1
  • Date:2013-10-14 04:32:00

Deleted after opening the first time... I dl'd this app thinking I'd try it, then buy to remove the ads if it was good. I told it to access my location to give me personalized weather - it didn't do that. I tried to manually set my location entering my zip code - it didn't do that. I tried entering the city, state and zip code - it didn't do that. Apparently, it doesn't do much. I don't mind paying for a good weather app so I don't have to look at ads on half the screen, but this one won't even find my location so it's useless. Deleted...

4:Epic Fail as a Nightstand Clock

  • author:Robin Lamb
  • rating:1
  • Date:2013-09-30 19:22:00

I planned to use this app as a nightstand clock. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing and the clock is large enough to see from bed. The problem is that with the app on, the iPhone's internal alarms don't sound. They go off, but literally do not make a sound. Since apps can crash while I'm asleep, I don't trust any of them enough to be my sole alarm & always use the phone's built-in app. A clock app that renders the built-in clock useless is an app that will quickly be deleted from my phone.

5:Lost Interest 9/30/2015.

  • author:Trnyii
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-10-08 09:13:00

This is updated but highly inaccurate with time of day eg 9pm suppose to be dark night not evening. This is set under current setting Yeah WRONG REMOVING NOW! Ps as for apps affiliated with this smh nope I DO NOT TRUST! iOS 9.0.2 is what the update claimed these new changes due to update what I saw in description of this app DOES NOT MATCH! I prefer picture of current condition to be exactly that not wallpaper backgrounds. Still testing but not liking that much right now.

6:Function not as described

  • author:elguapo1911
  • rating:3
  • Date:2014-04-18 02:02:00

I downloaded this app last night. It seemed promising and started off as described. However, this morning the image still shows a sunrise/sunset at noon. I clicked contact us in the app which shutdown the app and sent me back to my iPad screen. So there is no way to contact the apps maker and it does not update the background image to the current weather as described. Ps. I deleted the app, shutdown and restarted my iPad ll and reloaded the app; no change.

7:Good Potential

  • author:Gypsy Wolf
  • rating:3
  • Date:2014-05-13 20:25:00

This app has potential. If it included the ability to show more then one city, if it had more great pictures, and if it cost .99, in keeping with its current value, I could raise my rating. The app gets high grades for ease of use, and clear beautful pictures, animation and detail.


  • author:Shenzon
  • rating:4
  • Date:2015-11-19 01:58:00

The only issue I'm having is it won't lock in on my location. I have to keep searching out my location versus it pulling it up on its own when I go from one side of town to the other. That gets a little annoying, otherwise it would be a five star. Animations are great.

9:Was great...now noon reads 12am...FIX THIS NOW!!!

  • author:MerlinFL
  • rating:2
  • Date:2014-12-20 02:07:00

I love this program except for one daylight graphic. Since the iOS upgrade, noon stays at 12am, until it gets to 1pm. It's been like this for months and obviously no one at the company cares. Fix this glitche ASAP please!!!

10:Update !

  • author:rooster6424
  • rating:4
  • Date:2015-10-16 09:36:00

The latest update seems to have improved the function and accuracy of the weather. I'm keeping it. Graphics are nice and I like the weather format. App works as advertised now. Much better !

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