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1:Get it!

  • author:Missing my palm PDA
  • rating:5
  • Date:2012-06-21 05:36:00

Works for me and it's free! When storms barreled through Lakeville 2 nights ago, I got the alert on this app a good 5 minutes before I heard a distant outdoor siren go off. The siren in my neighborhood didn't go off and if I hadn't first heard the alert on my phone, I don't think I would have heard the distant siren. While I didn't suffer any significant damage, a lot of people in my neighborhood did. It is a relief to know that this app is always as close as my phone. Only complaint is that it loads a bit slow (a few seconds) and you have to go to Settings on your iPhone to set up the alerts (but I imagine that is an Apple requirement, not the developer's choice). Thanks for providing this valuable safety net to our community!

2:Average to better than average

  • author:Aron1209
  • rating:4
  • Date:2011-07-07 13:17:00

It is a decent weather app. It is better than weather bug and weather channel. You can also use it to see other locations such as Miami and see live radar there. Didn't give it 5 stars because it lacks dew points and precipitation amounts. The radar could be better by telling you what size hail and speed of strong wind storms. Also doesn't give watch/warning boxes or approximate time any storm is coming to your location. Hopefully an update will come soon, hint hint Ian. Basically better than the average free app.

3:Update has zero eye appeal

  • author:Hunersipod
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-03-09 21:52:00

The layout of the old version is much better than the new version. Weather does not always approach you from the straight out of the west, so the wide screen format is awful when you zoom in. The giant blue banner is a waste of space, The ad space on the old version was visible but not intrusive. I recommended the old version to people all over the US, and they loved it, best weather app out there, but the new version is terrible. I will continue to use the old one till the new one is fixed.

4:Was Great…now….not so much!

  • author:Normwood
  • rating:2
  • Date:2012-01-01 20:45:00

Just downloaded but seems great so far. Lots of detailed, local weather info. Updated Review 1/1/12 Used to be a nice app. Now it takes 20-30 seconds while its "loading". I personally think its just paying homage to it's advertiser at the the bottom of the screen. Not interested in looking at ads for 30 seconds while I wait for what I came for. I know the app is free and has ads…but I just deleted and will be using a paid app that so slow.

5:Best I've found

  • author:Bshack1525
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-06-18 21:03:00

I am a total weather bug and have been using this app since it first came out so I'm not someone who has used it just a few times and criticizes.... I would like the state lines to be easier to see, it would make tracking weather while traveling easier. Also, I often times need to go into my settings to re-set the transparency which is annoying. Other than that I like the weather in motion & the clarity of the map.

6:Good app!

  • author:Ashley Puariea
  • rating:4
  • Date:2012-03-20 08:55:00

So I understand it's slow but if I just reset the app itself I usually get a better response from it. I use this app for all my weather needs!!! I have more of a suggestion then a review though, today there was severe weather and I had no idea because I was sitting outside I thought it was a garden variety storm... My suggestion is to allow for a push notification on weather alerts???? Good idea!!!

7:New update

  • author:Sfjl
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-04-13 08:59:00

They layout of the new version is terrible. The old version is user friendly and easy to see and use. Others that I've spoken to agree. I will not be updating until I see it go back to the old format. Could not take it any longer. Deleted this app. The wind speeds were taken away along with all the info you could see in a storm. Don't install this app. The changes they made ruined it!

8:Bring back my dew point!

  • author:Coveredwithcatfur
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-07-16 00:10:00

I've been using this app since day 1. Recently I updated my iPhone version and noticed that the Dew Point, Humidity, and Feels Like data were missing. I feel this is important information- especially these days - that is sorely missed! I refuse to update my iPad version because it looks like it's been removed from it as well. Please bring back Dew Point, Humidity, and Feels Like data!!!

9:Looks good, easy to use!

  • author:Newnik29
  • rating:4
  • Date:2011-06-30 23:53:00

The app is brand new, so I'm reserved in my opinion: seems like it may be memory-intensive. Lots to see, so it might take a but to get used to. Neither have been an issue so far - the map is intuitive and the buttons across the bottom put (my favorite) info within one-click reach... Plus, I don't have to drag open a news app to get my news channel's weather. YAY!!!

10:Interface is good, data is often inaccurate or out of date

  • author:dnbreyen
  • rating:2
  • Date:2015-11-09 23:30:00

I like the interface, it's easy to use. My problem is the accuracy of the data. Right now on the daily temps for tomorrow, the high will be 77, BUT, the hourly temps for tomorrow never get over 70. On home screen it says wind is Calm, yet on hourly forecast it says wind speeds at 11MPH This app can be better if the data can be more accurate and real time.

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