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1:Inconsistent with TV and website forecast

  • author:red-ann
  • rating:1
  • Date:2014-01-26 23:45:00

I set 2 locations in this app: where I live (Uptown) and where I go to work (downtown). Since channel 7 is located on State and Lake downtown, you would think the forecast on my locations in the app would match what the forecast is on ABC's Channel 7 News, right?! Wrong! Today is the day before the 2nd "Polar Vortex." I'm watching the Channel 7 News right now and also looking at their website. They both say the hi/low is supposed to be -5/-19 for Monday and -3/-7 for Tuesday. The app says Monday is supposed to be 10/-8 and Tuesday is 0/-14. I can understand a little variance, but that difference is ridiculous! The news is urging its watchers to download this app, so I did. Before they mention it so much, they should probably make sure it's working correctly. The layout is nice and I like the fact that you can set different locations. But if a weather app doesn't report the correct weather (as much as 15 degrees off), it's completely useless! I'm extremely disappointed in this app!!! BTW: I also downloaded the WGN Weather app. It works just fine and reports consistent numbers with the TV, websites, and radio stations.

2:4am alerts!

  • author:Brick top:)
  • rating:1
  • Date:2014-03-12 05:08:00

I want very much to like this app. There are definitely things about it that I do like. However I am so tired of the weather alerts that occur always in the middle of the night. My phone will yell out at me that there's a bad weather alert. This morning at 4 AM I received a snow warning for snow that will not start until 10 PM tonight. Was it necessary to put out another 18 hours early, especially when I was completely asleep? Now I know I can turn these alerts off. But when there is an alert I want information about I won't know about it. I wish that the creators of the app would program in that they would not have an auditory alert system. Or at least have the option of turning off the sound. I am deleting the app from my phone.

3:This is very cool

  • author:KCWebber
  • rating:5
  • Date:2013-06-01 02:25:00

Between the "zoom able" radar and the automatic alerts based on GPS this is what a weather app should be! This thing rocks. Anyone who knows Chicago understands that it is not a one size fits all weather market. This app is aware of the weather around you and let's you know when you really need to pay attention to threatening conditions in your area, not someplace two counties over. Way to go ABC weather team! This is an app I'll really use.

4:Alert issues

  • author:Mias Mama
  • rating:4
  • Date:2014-03-11 22:08:00

I really like this app. I appreciate that it gives alerts about the weather. However, I wish they used some common sense about when alerts are sent. Obviously if there is a tornado, I want to know right away. But it seems a bit ridiculous to be woken up at 3 am about a snow storm that won't start until 7pm the following day. Developers, please look into this. Perhaps a sleep schedule can be created so I can control when I am rudely woken up.

5:Liked it better before

  • author:Berternie70
  • rating:3
  • Date:2015-01-12 10:33:00

Since the last update, when I watch the video of the forecast, the screen is super sensitive. If I even move my iPhone, or barely touch the screen, the whole video falls away; forcing me to go back to the beginning and start over with the commercial- and speaking of commercial, that is also something new that I'm not liking so much.

6:Erroneous tornado alerts

  • author:Dmiller814
  • rating:2
  • Date:2013-12-14 02:01:00

This app woke me up twice last night announcing a tornado watch when there was not one. It has announced erroneous tornado watches before. Please fix. I will have to turn off the announcement which defeats the purpose, but don't want to be woken in the middle of the night for no reason.

7:Time to give up on this app

  • author:PJSc
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-07-13 00:38:00

I keep waiting for improvements including the ability to add more locations but they just don't come. In fact the latest update has now broken the seven day forecast none of the percentages for precipitation even show up anymore time to just cut my losses and delete the app.

8:The siren!!

  • author:mjea0515
  • rating:1
  • Date:2014-03-05 15:56:00

Literally gives me a heart attack in the middle of the night because of the loud alarm it sounds if it's going to snow. Or rain. Or be windy. Can't figure out how to disable that feature. Deleting app to prevent heart arrhythmia. :/


  • author:Bryant
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-05-31 05:24:00

Thanks for showing this on today 4pm news. I downloaded it as you were speaker and have set it up. I will update review after the next few days of weather here in the Naperville Area.

10:Does the job

  • author:Storm tracker 32
  • rating:4
  • Date:2013-07-26 05:32:00

I love this app. It does what it's supposed to do: alert me of severe weather. I would like to see an actual iPad version of this. Not just an iPhone app stretched out on an iPad.

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