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  • author:Bkku bkk
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-01-05 03:54:00

Bad app do not download. This app runs a lot of ads that it often crashes my iPad. Tried to find an option to shutdown the streams of ads sometimes as many as 7 to 10 per minutes, but did not succeed. If you have a limited space, limited data option on your iPhone or iPad, this is a killer app. I would not recommend it.

2:Nice radar,

  • author:LaGeek
  • rating:4
  • Date:2015-05-26 23:35:00

Weather in Texas has been crazy lately so I was looking for a good radar app. Location services aren't always available (I think that's my fault) but the app remembers where I was last. It's easy to understand complete with warning boxes for really dangerous weather conditions. Love it!

3:Great Review for USA

  • author:Victorias-Secret Farm
  • rating:5
  • Date:2015-10-03 13:20:00

Love this app. I can see the temperature in my home town and the weather all around the US. Can't wait to see the weather around the world to be seen as well. I have cousins in Norway & friends in Germany; it would nice to know what's happening in their area of the world.

4:So sad...

  • author:Lunchbox1776
  • rating:1
  • Date:2014-12-22 01:07:00

Guys, my local NBC news station has a much better radar app. It's completely free, ZERO ads on the screen, why the hell would anyone want this insult to the eyes? Why would I give you anything when you have not shown me any love to begin with? Up your bimbo.

5:Poor Quality

  • author:Billy_Fan121
  • rating:1
  • Date:2014-12-24 04:22:00

This app has poor quality when it comes to not working properly. The app crashes when you open it. This app should be working properly at all times no matter what. This is really a stubborn situation. If it is a bug problem you guys should fix it.

6:Rain, but not snow?

  • author:Mess8
  • rating:2
  • Date:2015-02-23 05:24:00

It appears to show rain only, not snow. Not helpful for me when there are snowstorms forecast. One great feature is that you can add pins where family and friends live and see them all at once.

7:Deleted app after 3 uses

  • author:Digger Deb
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-01-04 23:44:00

Downloaded this app and attempted to use it. On the first use, I found it to be slow; then, it crashed. The app also crashed on the second and third use, I then deleted the app.

8:Basic radar data

  • author:Basic data
  • rating:5
  • Date:2015-05-23 21:35:00

App provides quick access to radar data without all the extra stuff not needed to get a good indication of conditions in the area selected. A great free app.


  • author:Royal_q
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-08-07 03:37:00

Someone please tell me how I'm supposed to get other pages in this app?!? The 7 day, local, etc! I can't seem to find the combination to change pages.

10:Great on desktop, but not iPad

  • author:Parks Parks
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-06-04 23:23:00

It takes at least 1min to load and if I push map a bit, it reloads and takes over a minute. Not for me. Desktop windows it works beautifully.

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