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1:A step in the right direction, but still

  • author:CrazyCamelBen
  • rating:3
  • Date:2011-06-20 13:52:00

I really appreciate WRAL's effort in getting us a new local weather app, and I love being able to use the location function to see weather based on my current location. This app certainly improves upon the weather experience of the original WRAL news app by leaps and bounds. However, my only wish is that we could get some of the functions and level of detail that are provided on the WRAL site through "iControl Interactive Doppler". For example: the weather radar data on this app seems to be blurred or blob-like vs the data on iControl radar which appears almost in "HD". Additionally, making layers such as "storm cells (data of hail, winds, etc., associated with each cell along with it's predicted track) , lightening, and NWS bulletins" directly on the radar map (as they are in iControl) would make for an incredible weather tool, helping to improve weather safety, by putting robust storm data in a mobile format. Again, this is a great app, just feel that it could benefit greatly from the addition of this functionality.

2:Too many bugs, but radar is better

  • author:Doolick
  • rating:3
  • Date:2015-07-09 22:09:00

** updated after a month of using. ** The radar is much improved, and for those of you missing dual Doppler views - they are an option on the Icontrol radar. It also has overlays that lets you see all the active alerts. On any of these options you can quickly zoom in locally or zoom out and see the entire nation. it took me a while to find the settings because I was used to the old version. I think this is a problem for a lot of users. I am running the last version of iOS 7 and this app freezes all the time. Can't get out of video forecast or radar live stream without closing the app and relaunching it. This sort of bug should have been eliminated before publishing the app. While I find the aesthetics of the new version pleasing I agree with some of the functionality complaints from other users. The slider for hourly temperatures is fun but not quite as easy to use. I have always preferred WRALs forecasting (seems most accurate in my experience) but this app is kind of a pain.

3:New app? Why? You've made your app not usable

  • author:Desubu
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-07-07 20:28:00

The old app had just gotten their refresh problems worked out and even with those problems it was a better app than this one. Their radar was the best and the reason I came to your app years ago. Now that useful radar is gone, replaced with a useless icontrol. The Doppler switching between two widely separated viewing areas every 15 seconds is also not useful when users are trying to pin down a 'powerful thunderstorm in your neighborhood' that a phone call has just alerted them to. How about two doppler views for the two areas? The combination of trying to depend on this and what little you had online in the last big storm in my neighborhood pushed me to ABC 11 so I guess I'll leave it at that.

4:Better before the new update

  • author:MrsHowell
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-05-29 18:51:00

Why do people insist on messing with stuff that works perfectly well! My app updated overnight and now I can't find the Dual Doppler anywhere. I use this all the time and it appears to have been taken off. The new hourly format although fancy and neat is more difficult to use and quickly tell if and when it is supposed to rain. And the detailed 7 day forecast is enlarged to the point that it's practically illegible and you can't shrink it. Who knows what else is wrong, this is just what I've found in the last 5 minutes after opening the app. Apparently quality control and testing are not high on WRAL's priority list.

5:Okay, except for the ads

  • author:Bytefield
  • rating:3
  • Date:2011-07-07 12:45:00

The ads are annoying, untargeted, and sometimes obscure app content. I would gladly pay $0.99 for a version without them. The entire app is already an advertisement for WRAL and Greg Fishel to begin with, why do they need to extract even more revenue? The long unresponsive delay on the splash screen is ridiculous. Needless to say, these advertisers are going on my, um, "avoid" list. Could be a nice app otherwise. Two more suggestions: make local doppler easily accessible, not buried three levels under More; switching between pages is very slow, need immediate feedback that the button has been pressed.

6:Gets "stuck" and will not update

  • author:Brian Adkins.
  • rating:2
  • Date:2013-10-05 22:04:00

After upgrading my iPhone to iOS 7 and then upgrading the WRAL Weather app to the latest version, it will get stuck and not update. This renders the app useless since I can no longer trust it to be accurate. Last night it showed the current temp at 84º when the WRAL website showed 72º and the "current conditions" page on the app showed 70º. I don't find a few degrees here or there, but showing 84º when it's 70 or 72º is ridiculous. I tried dragging the page down to trigger the refresh, and I closed the app and restarted it - nothing worked. In fact, it's still stuck at 84º the next morning.

7:New version ruins the app

  • author:ZenArcher444
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-06-05 09:36:00

With this version, what was once a perfectly usable app has been made unbelievably horrible. Really, a slider to see hourly conditions? Used to take 2 seconds to get a sense of the day, now I'm fiddling with a tiny slider. Users want to see temperature and conditions trends quickly. Features I used every day have been buried or deleted. I've been turning to WRAL for weather since I was a kid (that's decades). Not up to the standard I'd expect of WRAL. One struggles to understand just why someone would deliberately create such a weak, unusable app. Goodby WRAL, at least on my iPhone!

8:So much work went into this app for nothing

  • author:Redwine99
  • rating:1
  • Date:2011-08-27 02:24:00

Navigation is not in the developer's vocabulary. You can't go back you have to start over. Why does this app ask for my location then display Raleigh and a Raleigh zip code on the openning screen? And It was the ad(s) that made me reach for the delete function. If you have have ads at least make them be still. If you want to sell JiffyLube then just put the words in the banner and stop the flashing. Or write an ad app. OK my bad, navigation exists on this app it just isn't like most apps, but it's still a goner. I'll pay up to a buck 99 for an ad free app. No, make that 99¢.


  • author:Huddy66
  • rating:1
  • Date:2015-06-19 02:24:00

Whatever WRAL paid for this revision was a terrible waste of money. The current version is a complete makeover of what was previously one of the most useful apps available. In the previous version the radar was useful, clear and accurate. This is gone, replaced by something awful, including an intrusive location arrow so large that it covers local conditions one could previously view. WRAL has a great weather department. This representation of their expertise is an embarrassment - bring back the old one. As the say in Virginia, “The old one was better!"

10:Getting much more frustrated ....

  • author:Allie from Cary/Morrisville
  • rating:4
  • Date:2014-08-05 08:41:00

I've been using this app for awhile now (about 2 years) but have been increasingly concerned that it does not reflect my current weather. I look out my door: the app says it's mostly cloudy. My view says it's mostly sunny, for a significant time. Then recheck the app with the same info. The app says I'm experiencing rain. Nothing is a falling, ever, or significantly delayed. Plus, the 7-day forecast gets hung a lot, typically showing at least a 2-day delay despite my hard reboot. My iPhone 5 should not have to experience this.

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