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1:Form, meet Function. Function, meet Form.

  • author:hereitis001
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-08-23 22:11:00

Absolutely beautiful. I can't recommend eWeather Pro HD highly enough. Stunning imagery, accurate info, a wealth of details, yet simplicity of use. The app is fast to load, gives me all the weather forecasting snippets I need, and looks stately enough to just live in an iPad dock. And the earthquake alerts are a strangely attractive reminder of my youth in California (go figure). A tiny swipe up or down lets you switch among a large icon/current condition display, a temperature/air pressure trend graph, and any weather alerts. Slide your finger along the bottom icons and see the forecast details update for each day or time. A tap in the corner brings animated radar or a clever dial with hourly conditions. Simple. Useful. Tap it, swipe it, love it. Hard to believe weather can be this enchanting. Conversations with the folks might never be the same.

2:The BEST Weather App. Period!

  • author:The Builder....
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-12-08 05:46:00

I have tried out other weather apps for the iPhone over the past week (such as Weather HD, AccuWeather, and the native Weather app), and I have to admit that this company has followed the tried and true philosophy that is prevalent with Apple: Finish your design ALL THE WAY TO THE END! Every part of the app is beautiful and elegant, yet functional. All areas are very nicely done. It even has an area where you can see the latest earthquakes (which gets rid of the Quakes app that I used to have on here)! All in one (combining weather, push notifications of weather temperature, lows & highs, 10-day forecasts, what it feels like outside, local radars (that are animated!), and even a useful hourly clock that shows diagrams of whether it is to rain, or be sunny, etc.), and simply THE BEST out here to date. GET IT! I believe you won't be disappointed!

3:Love it so far

  • author:Leo4harmony
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-12-17 19:27:00

Bought this app like two hours ago. Fell in love with it. Gave three stars. Then ask the developers to add Vietnamese language in their library via email. They responded like 30 minutes. Here is what they said: Thank you for purchasing eWeather. At this moment you're the first who asked us about translation to Vietnamese. Would you like to help us ? We can send you a list of words in English for translation. When you complete we'll send you translated app in 24 hours. Andrew How is that for customer service? Excellent I would say. Not many companies like this around to accommodate the needs of consumers. This company will get my vote. So from three stars to five stars from me. Thank you so much for being customer- oriented business.

4:FlyByNav is Awesome!

  • author:Cloudyifr
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-12-14 12:43:00

Fantastic App! Too many flight planning apps require either a WiFi connection, 3G, a logon or a subscription. FlyByNav only requires a one time fee and can be used offline! Here's what I like: Off Line Use of entire USA database Quickly calculate Time Enroute between airports Saves multiple aircraft flight profiles Quick Charter Quoting Quick METAR/TAF of departure and arrival airports One Time Fee for Life! No Subscriptions My only wish is for the app to download current winds aloft for a selected cruise alititude. Although the app does allow manual input of winds aloft the info must be found somewhere else. A Must Have App!


  • author:Giggidyman101
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-11-23 11:15:00

Amazing app. The new update is everything I hoped for. A red thing that shows you what the temperature is on the home screen:) weather an temperature is accurate, although the temperature varies a bit compares to The Weather Channel app. Radar is great and at most is 10 minutes behind. Even if the radar is behind you can still update your radar in the in the main screen. Looks amazing. Looks better than the weather channel!. New update has good stuff that adds 2 the awesomeness of the app:) Like what u did with the hourly weather. If u got 1$ and no weather app, this is the one to get. Looking forward to future updates!!

6:Now just perfect

  • author:Mike in Madison
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-05-26 10:40:00

I loved eWeather HD and was going to write a 4-star review today when I saw there was an update. The only reason I was leaning the 4-Star way was the lack of Radar. That has now been added and this has gone from my favorite weather app to the best weather app. I love the layout, the easy to read data in the details view and the artwork. The only issue is that I'm still not the best at reading the temperature dial for what temp it'll be at certain times of the day. That's a touch confusing to me, but I'm getting the hang of it. So, fantastic app. Getting it was a great decision.

7:eWeather HD is A KILLER APP!!

  • author:Larry-MBP/iPad/iPhone
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-06-20 02:18:00

I have both the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 versions and I am a real weather nut. eWeather HD is far and away, the most feature rich and visually stunning weather app.... And I have them all! I only have two requests. Please include a more discriptive help screen for the weather clock. It is so cool, but a little confusing to understand all it's features. Please create a MacBook Pro version of eWeather HD... Soon! I would also love to learn more about the weather services used to gather the weather data and how you use it for forecasting. Thanks again for creating eWeather HD....

8:Deserves app of year for 2012

  • author:Dehbeebee
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-12-17 22:13:00

I don't believe there is any weather related fact missing from this application. The temperature is visible on the home screen. There is barometric, precipitation, black ice alerts, earthquakes ... it's all in this app! This really does earn the five stars! Now if this developer could make an application for the home screen that shows the real-time of day I would consider paying a reasonable fee for that app! Any one know of the name of that app I just described please let me know. twitter the app out to my ID. Thanks developers for this app!

9:Best weather app yet

  • author:ChanningCDE
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-12-05 12:08:00

I depend on the weather app for a lot. I travel for work and I have kids in a southern state which translates into constant weather fluctuation from that morning till the afternoon. I got so sick of TWC app always crashing and sometimes never uploading. I get what I need with this app hourly, Doppler, and winds (important when you fly to know what your plane is up against). I have not had a problem yet and just made my mom buy it too. I love it and I'm hard to please. I never write reviews but this one for sure deserves all thumbs up.

10:Very functional and beautiful

  • author:JWiPhone
  • rating:5
  • Date:2011-07-18 10:27:00

I must say I'm very impressed. So much of the essential weather information is packed into this app. It has a gorgeous UI and easy to use. The weather forecast in the days ahead is very useful. I'm also able to select an area right in my neighborhood in Los Angeles making the weather that much more accurate. The continued updates make this weather app one of the best out there. Even the earthquake information is nicely done graphically, and I do live in earthquake country. Overall, well-thought out and beautifully designed.

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